Cougar Vacuum Mouse Bungee

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COUGAR Bunker is the perfect solution for those gamers who want to enjoy the superior reliability, response and accuracy of a wired gaming mouse while at the same time preventing the mouse cord from getting in their way.



Product TypeBunker Mouse
ModelCougar Bungee Bunker Mouse
Feature 01Effective︓Keeps the mouse cord under total control.
Feature 02Stable︓A powerful vacuum (patented design) will keep it steady at all times.
Feature 03Small︓An ultra-compact base that wonʼt take up much space.
Feature 04Flexible︓Its raised rubber arm is highly flexible, increasing its durability.
Feature 05Cleanable︓Just rinse it with water. Thatʼs it!
Weight85 grams
Dimension110 x 70 x 115mm