Intel Optane Memory Series 32GB M.2 80MM

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  • Model: Intel Optane 32GB
  • Capacity- 32 GB
  • Form Factor- M.2 22 x 80mm
  • Interface- PCIe NVMe 3.0 x2
  • Consume power up to 3.5 Watts


32 GB

Form Factor

M.2 22 x 80mm


PCIe NVMe 3.0 x2

Sequential R/W

Sequential Read (up to) - 1350 MB/s | Sequential Write (up to)- 290 MB/s |


1.6 Million

Dimension (L x W x H)

22 x 80mm

Operating Temperature

0°C to 70°C

Shock resistance

1500 G / 0.5 ms


3 years

Intel Optane 32GB M.2 80MM Memory series is a revolutionary innovation of Intel to generate faster working experience for the users. Its specialty is to work with the processor to store those files that are mostly used. It is performing with higher responsiveness by shortening boot times and fast launching of applications. The capacity of  32GB with sequential read and write  1350 & 290 MB/s only consume the power up to 3.5 Watts
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