Fantech Alpha GC-283 Blue Gaming Chair

  • Model: Alpha GC-283
  • Full Multi-Action Recline Capabilities
  • Pro Comfort & Pro Ergonomics
  • Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism
  • Class-4 Hydraulic Pistons

৳ 37,000.00

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Fantech Alpha GC-283 Blue Gaming Chair

৳ 37,000.00

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Fantech Alpha GC-283 Blue Gaming Chair

The ergonomic design of the FANTECH GC-283 makes it easy on your back and posture for extended periods of usage. It comes with two soft adjustable pillows: a lumbar cushion for your back and a headrest pillow for your neck and head when working on your computer.

Lock in Your Gaming Position

The Fantech Alpha GC-283 Mint Gaming Chair When it comes to ergonomics. We shall not just mention the chair’s outline. Each fintech’s armrest is meant to be both comfortable and adaptable. We widen the armrest and may adjust it up and down. Front and rear left 30° – right 30° Nonetheless, it is comprised of a robust material that is comfortable to the touch while maintaining a decent grip.

Fine Core Materials

The Fantech Alpha GC-283 Mint Gaming Chair is composed of High-Quality Core Materials. PU leather is the most sensible upholstery to be used today and we at Fantech have handpicked the best variation of it. our signature PU leather is very durable, soft, flexible, and waterproof. We combine that with precisely cut cold-cure foam that provides immaculate cushioning and support to deliver a heavenly sitting experience.

Multi-Functional Tilling Mechanism

The Fantech Alpha GC-283 Mint Gaming Chair Mechanisms, which range from single-function to multi-function, provide you with complete control over the seat suspension. The ALHPA may be secured in an inclined position and tilted back in an upright position.

The Best Build Quality & Perfectly Ergonomic

The Fantech Alpha GC-283 Mint Gaming Chair design is based on car racing seats, which have been shown to provide the optimum support and weight distribution to the human body to allow extended hours of playing or usage in front of a computer and office. Every fintech chair is made with high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and cutting-edge manufacturing technology.


Class 4 Hydraulic Pistons

The Fantech Alpha GC-283 Mint Gaming Chair Length of our Class 4 hydraulic pistons—best in class in consistency, stability, and safety has been upgraded to accommodate a broader range of user heights. This helps you to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor, avoiding hanging feet that may restrict blood circulation to your lower body.


Brand Fantech
Model Alpha GC-283
Main Features
Materials PVC
Adjustable Armrests A4
Chair Type Gaming Chair
Adjustable Backrest Angle/ Recline Full Backrest Recline Angel Transfer 130 - 180
Ergonomic High Backseat Design
Package Dimension 82 x 70 x 37cm
Diameter of Base Premium Durable Steel Base
Chair Weight 26KG
Colors Blue
Tilt Lock Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism
Warranty & Support
Warranty No Warranty
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